It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🏘🌤
Neighborhoods are hubs for social interaction and community. They are made up of a group of friends, communities, or others who have similar interests and want to build on the Stage together. Neighborhoods are formed by linking adjacent plots on the Stage under a common banner. Neighborhoods amplify a community’s visibility and presence on the Stage as they offer the ability to add unique names and branding that will be featured on the map and in the world.
How to Form a Neighborhood: Pre-Mint
Anyone can create or join a Neighborhood, you just need at least three people (wallets) to join the the Neighborhood to be eligible for the Pre-Sale mint. Each Neighborhood will have a founder who creates the Neighborhood and then invites their friends or broader community via a shareable link.
Standard Neighborhoods can contain up to 250 land plots, which will all be minted adjacent to one another on the Stage. The plot limit of 250 can be expanded by special request to the Stageverse team, up to a maximum of 500.
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How to form a Neighborhood: Post-Mint
Neighborhoods will be able to be formed or expanded post-mint with any eligible adjacent land plots, assuming consensus between the respective landowners. This means specific Neighborhoods may be more difficult to form after the mint as you will need to buy on the secondary market in order to obtain an eligible plots in the desired location. We'll be releasing more information about the roadmap for the Neighborhoods feature after the Phase 1 mint.