Why buy land and get on Stage?
Ownership on the Stage provides a wide array of benefits that will evolve over time, based on the needs of the community. Landowners will play a critical role in the future of the Stage ecosystem.
Receive token rewards and enhanced map visibility based on a variety of factors including length of ownership, space engagement, and other factors.
Revenue Share & Rentals: Get revenue share for commerce occurring on land plus rental opportunities for others to host experiences on your land.
Discoverability: Landowners gain visibility on the Stage map, along with a public listing that outlines details about the land, space, and associated experiences.
Neighborhoods & Estates: Form neighborhoods with adjacent landowners organized around a shared identity, collectively creating more visibility and influence. Create estates by joining adjacent land plots that you own to provide more space to interact on the Stage as well as increased visibility on the Stage map.
Governance: Access a private Stage community group, where you can contribute to the Stage roadmap.
NFT Drops: Get early access to new NFT Space, Avatar and Object projects within Stageverse.
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