Why buy land and get on Stage?

Why Buy Land?

The Stage will be central to the Stageverse experience and is our way of extending ownership to the community. The main benefits of Land ownership are:
  1. 1.
    Enhanced Discovery for linked Spaces
  2. 2.
    Enhanced Identity through customization/creative control of Land
  3. 3.
    Membership in the Stageverse Landowners’ Community
  4. 4.
    Exclusive Access to future content
  5. 5.
    Economic Rewards from the growth of the Stageverse ecosystem


While anyone will be able to create a Space in the broader Stageverse ecosystem, only Landowners will own the right to build and market their experiences on the Stage, which will be the primary discovery mechanism for Spaces in Stageverse.
In the beginning, the Stage will be represented by a map, with each Landowner given full control over branding and customizing their plot as a sort of “front door” to their linked Spaces.
So how will you be able to create Spaces?
  • Shortly after Land reveal, we‘ll be releasing an app update that will allow anyone to easily create and customize their own metaverse Space and link it to their Land, directly within the Stageverse application UI — no technical skills necessary.
  • From there, we will continue to expand our creator toolkit for both Pro Creators and Consumer Creators, including a Unity SDK that will allow more technically-inclined 3D world-builders to easily create and import environments and assets into Stageverse.
  • We’ll also begin a cadence of unique and generative Space NFT collections/drops that will give Landowners the chance to collect one-of-a-kind Spaces, like 3D art you can spend time in.
Over time, the Stage will evolve into a massively multiplayer open world, with each Landowner given control over building on their Lands and linking out to Spaces of their choosing for enhanced discoverability.
The Stage — Map


We see Space in the metaverse as an important component of digital identity — an evolution from flat 2D “profiles” on social media sites towards immersive, dynamic environments that represent who we are, as individuals, communities, artists, or brands.
Landowners will own the right to customize their Lands as extensions of their digital identity. In the beginning, this means Landowners will customize their representation on the map, create customized Spaces, and link those Spaces to their Lands. Later, as the Stage evolves into an open world, Landowners will be given full control over building on their Lands as another expression of online identity and presence.


The Stage is first and foremost about community. We believe a strong community is driven by shared environment, shared identity, shared goals, shared commitment, and shared outcomes. We’re positioning the Stage to provide the raw ingredients that let the community to build together, own together, and capture value together.
At the macro level, Landowners will form the exclusive core of the Stageverse community and will drive the ecosystem forward through their creativity and voice.Through the innovation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the community will collectively own the value it creates as the Stage grows and flourishes.
At the micro level, Landowners will be able to join together with friends or their favorite communities to form Neighborhoods. This will give the Stage a vibrant sense of distinct local or regional community identity through Landowner collaboration.


One of our main goals is to empower new forms of creation, community participation, and ownership by positioning NFT-based virtual goods at the center of the Stageverse ecosystem. We have a long roadmap for additional NFT drops produced in-house and in partnership with world-class brands and artists. Beautiful spaces, other-worldly environments, generative avatar projects, avatar fashion, interactive toys, and more will be dropped over time as we expand the Stageverse NFT ecosystem.
The Landowner community will be rewarded with exclusive perks within Stageverse (e.g. access to exclusive Spaces inside the ‘verse) as well as access to future content drops.

Economic Rewards

In order for creativity to flourish in Stageverse, economic incentives must be in place that reward creators for the value they produce. There will be a number of ways for creators to monetize their creativity through Land ownership on the Stage.
  1. 1.
    Direct Monetization: Landowners will be able to directly monetize the experience they create via ticketing, micropayments, paywalls, subscriptions, merchandising, and more.
  2. 2.
    Indirect Monetization: In the future, we have plans to implement a Land rental system that allows Landowners to lease their Lands to other creators.
  3. 3.
    Staking/Ecosystem Rewards: The Stageverse ecosystem will grow to encompass a thriving creator economy and marketplace for digital goods (NFTs) and experiences. The platform will enable 3D artists, event promoters, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, and more to create and conduct commercial activity on top of Stageverse’s technology stack. Landowners will participate in the economic growth of this broader ecosystem through Land staking rewards directly tied to the Stageverse platform economy’s transaction volume.