Land Sale FAQ

Common questions relating to the Stage Land Economy
What can I do with my Land?
The Stage is the primary discovery mechanism for Spaces in Stageverse. Owning Land gives you the ability to customize your plot on the Stage and link out to others Space via portals for discoverability. You can think of Land as the "front door" to your Space. You'll also be able to form Estates and collaborate with other Landowners to form Neighborhoods.
In the future, the Stage will evolve into a massively multiplayer open world and Landowners will be able to build directly on their plots. For more information on Landowner benefits, see the Stage Benefits.
What blockchain is Stage Land on?
Each plot of Stage Land is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
When is mint?
Phase 1 of the Land Sale is happening in July 2022.
Presale Mint begins on Sunday, July 24th at 3pm PT / 6pm ET and runs until 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, July 27th.
Public mint begins on Thursday, July 28th at 3pm PT / 6pm ET and runs until 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, August 3rd.
How much will Land cost?
Phase 1 Plots will cost 0.15 ETH
Is the Public Sale the same price as the Presale?
Yes, both are 0.15 ETH.
How does the mint work?
Phase 1 will be split into two waves, the Pre-Sale and the Public Sale. The best way to secure your plot is to get on the pre-sale list by forming or joining a Neighborhood. Please see here for more information on the Phase 1 sale.
How many plots are available for mint in Phase 1?
There will be 12K plots available for mint in Phase 1, with approximately 90% allocated first to the presale.
How do I get on the pre-sale list?
Easy. Form or join a Neighborhood with your friends or favorite community!
How many plots of Land are there in total on the Stage?
Will there ever be more than 200,000 plots of Land on the Stage?
The Stage will never have more than 200,000 plots of Land and will always be the center of the Stageverse experience. We will always do what's best for the community. In the distant future, there could be occasion to expand the community to accommodate broader participation. In that case, we could explore expanding the Stage to include new generations of outlying Lands that would be secondary to and separate from the the central core of the Stage. We'd only explore this as it makes sense given the interests of the community.
Where can I see my Land?
Initially, you’ll be able to view your Land on the Stage Map. Soon after Land reveal, you’ll be able to customize your plot’s branding on the map, visit your Land inside Stageverse, and ultimately link it to a Space.
Do I need to be in a Neighborhood in order to mint?
No, you do not need to register for a Neighborhood in order to purchase Land on the Stage, although joining a Neighborhood will be the easiest way to guarantee your Land plot(s) ahead of the Public Sale.
Can I create multiple Neighborhoods?
Each wallet address can only create one Neighborhood. If you'd like to create multiple Neighborhoods, you can do so by using different wallet address.
What determines the Land rarity?
Each minted Land will be randomly allocated a position on the Stage prior to Land Reveal. The largest two rarity factors for each Land Plot will be size and centrality. There will be slight variation in the size of each Land Plot, so some Landowners may get lucky with relatively larger Plots. Similarly, the Stage is round in configuration; Land Plots closer to the center of the Stage, "Center Stage", will be more rare.
What is the size of each Land Plot?
The exact size of Stage Land Plots is still being finalized, so we can’t confirm the size just yet. Rest assured each plot will be a healthy size for Landowners to customize. If you’re familiar with the Private Island space, you can imagine it will be similar or slightly larger size than that as far as total available area, and smaller in area than the Gallery or the Desert. Keep in mind - each Land Plot will primarily serve as a gateway into expansive 3D spaces that will potentially be very large in size. Landowners will be able to place Portals on their Plots to enable people to access these Spaces from their Land.