State of the Metaverse Today

wtf is the metaverse?
The metaverse is a rapidly evolving topic with a variety of definitions and is splintering into several different worlds and platforms, each with their own specific purpose and target market. With that said, for many of today’s creators and brands, the metaverse is inaccessible, ill equipped, overly centralized or simply irrelevant.
  • Today’s metaverse has become inaccessible for many due to economic models that only allow participation at a high price point buy-in for Land.
  • Today’s metaverse is ill-equipped for many brands and creators due to the low-fidelity, voxel graphics that don’t fit their vibe and style. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get started in many metaverse experiences due to the vast, world-building paradigm.
  • Today’s metaverse is overly centralized with many of the key players being enormous corporations that will never be able to provide the level of ownership, interoperability and control expected by Web3 consumers.
  • Today’s metaverse is irrelevant for many due to the focus being primarily on gaming, with little emphasis on creators, broader community and culture.
Stageverse is changing this.