Evolving the Digital World from 2D to 3D
From entertainment and work to shopping and socializing, the internet has become the place where people carry out a large percentage of their daily tasks and interactions. As the digital world inevitably continues to evolve and we spend more time there, it is critical that the associated user experience also evolves significantly.
People are three dimensional beings that exist in three dimensional spaces, but the internet has always been limited by a relatively rigid two dimensional paradigm, which is a poor representation of reality. Moving from this 2D structure to a more spatially immersive environment will enable enhanced presence and togetherness, and is the first key step toward a more widely adopted metaverse.
This is the core problem that Stageverse is solving, advancing today’s 2D internet into 3D immersive experiences. Enabling this spatial dimension will greatly enrich the experiences and interactions that are had with both people and content online.
Stageverse is taking a focused approach to this problem, not by creating a massive open world with little structure, but by empowering communities, creators and brands to host and design their own unique metaverse experiences with purpose-built 3D spaces. These spaces are created to easily convert today’s digital communities into 3D metaverse experiences, including media rooms, listening lounges, galleries, community spaces, and small group chat spaces. Advanced creators and brands can create custom spaces, avatars and even new metaverses using Stageverse Studio (SDK).
Stageverse is a premium metaverse platform that enables creators, communities and brands to easily stage their own unique metaverse spaces to connect, interact and transact in high-fidelity, immersive 3D environments.
to stage (verb)
: the act of spatializing a 2D digital application, interaction or community, into an immersive 3D experience.
// I staged a group chat with my friends to immerse ourselves around a 3D desert campfire
// My friend staged an epic listening party with spatial audio for Drake’s new album
// We staged our Twitter Spaces AMA into a media lounge to enhance connection with attendees