Core Pillars

What guides our decisions 🧭
Creator & Community First
At Stageverse, we’re dedicated to developing the metaverse for the future of culture and community. Stageverse is a platform for the internet’s many creators, brands, and communities to connect, create and transact in a deeper, more meaningful way. Everyone can participate in Stageverse regardless of their financial means or influence, with structures in place to interact for free and through ownership (purchase) of Land, Spaces and Avatars.
High-Fidelity Interactivity
At Stageverse, we believe that ideal connection and presence in the metaverse is enabled by high-fidelity avatars, immersive environments, seamless UX and spatial audio. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the optimal balance of beautiful aesthetics with exceptional system performance and accessibility.
Accessibility & Expansion
At Stageverse, we believe it should be simple to rapidly deliver and experience value in the metaverse. In Stageverse, creators, communities, and brands can quickly get going with purpose-built spaces that can be easily customized based on content from today’s top digital communities and experiences. From there, customization of avatars and spaces can be expanded significantly using Stageverse Studio Pro (SDK).
Ownership & Interoperability
At Stageverse, we believe in an open, decentralized, interoperable metaverse powered by explicit ownership. Stageverse at its core is free to use, but massive economic opportunities are available through ownership of land, spaces, avatars and objects (NFTs). That said, there are certain components of UX and quality that will be more readily attained through centralized development. We’re dedicated to advancing interoperability and decentralization of Stageverse over time, including making it easier to import and export assets between metaverse platforms as well as implementation of a DAO structure for governance.