Why we're here 💫
We’re living in an extraordinary time, when technology is enabling incredible advancements in people’s ability to create, connect and collaborate around the globe, but sadly many are doing so in rigid 2D environments, confined to chat windows and social news feeds.
Stageverse exists to help people and their communities thrive together online. Our digital lives are here to stay, but that doesn't mean they need to be flat and two dimensional. We believe there's a better way—by unlocking immersive 3D experiences online.
We are doing this by developing the open metaverse. We’re focusing on creating a 3D spatial layer over the digital world, where people can generate deeper connections with friends and communities, unlock new economic and ownership opportunities, and better express themselves.
Stageverse has built a set of underlying technologies for the metaverse that enable the world’s artists, visionaries, and creators to produce new realities.