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We're on a a mission to make connecting with others on the web better through immersive 3D experiences. These Docs aren't in 3D, but they are still pretty useful 🤓
Stageverse Docs is a growing website and will be updated frequently based on feedback and evolving direction. We'd love to know any thoughts you have as we continue on this journey together!

Getting Started

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    DISCORD: First things first, hit the Discord. That's where you'll connect with the community and be the first to hear details about our Land mint as well as upcoming product features.
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    WEB APP: Next up, visit the web preview of Stageverse (web alpha) where you can get a glimpse of the immersive experience and also peruse the Land Sale showroom.
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    MOBILE APP: It's time to go a bit deeper and experience spatial voice chat. This is coming soon on the web, but in the meantime download the Stageverse mobile app on iOS or Android and throw on some headphones for the optimal experience.
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    MISSION & OPPORTUNITY: Now that you've had a taste of the Stageverse experience, come back to Docs and learn a little bit about why we do what we do. Take a peek at our Mission and Opportunity along with background on Spaces and Avatars.
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    THE STAGE LAND SALE: The Stage is our core metaverse world and you have a chance to own a piece of it. Learn about it at The Stage and The Stage Land Economy. Phase 1 land sale is now over. Plots can be picked up on the secondary market on Opensea.
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    PREVIEW OUR ROADMAP: We've got a LOT in store. Learn more about it in our Roadmap section.
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    JUMP BACK INTO STAGEVERSE WITH FRIENDS! Now that you've got the lowdown, invite some friends in for a hang. We've got lots more in store to make interacting on the web much, much better!
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